Do You Even Want To Grow Your Business?

Do you even want to grow your business?

Many small business owners don’t pay attention to how their website is ranking on Google (if they even have one). I’ve met many local business owners who have a website that is ranking poorly on page 3 or 4, getting no visibility and they don’t even care. Why?

Word of Mouth Referrals and Repeat Business

It’s because all of their leads come from word of mouth referrals and repeats. A business gets word of mouth leads/repeats for the following reason:

They provide quality services and customers are happy to refer them to others and use the business again themselves.

But to be able to put food on the table consistently with only word of mouth advertising, you have to be in business for at least 3-5 years. And for many businesses that are just starting or only a year or so old, relying on word of mouth only and staying in business can be very challenging.

When discussing online marketing with small to medium local business owners (whether they are just starting or have been successfully in business for a while) is:

“Do you want to grow your business?”

You may be surprised to hear that about 25% of them say no. Some business owners are intent on keeping their business at the level it’s at, where word of mouth referrals are the only leads they get. Many times the fear of growing is based on the unknown.

They may want to increase their income level but not have to take on the responsibility of scaling and really managing the business. There also is the fear of the cost of scaling up the businesses.

Look, if you really are happy with your current income level and just don’t need any more money, then kudos to you, you’re in a good place.

But for the business owner who wants to grow and has tried all different types of advertising, like Google Adwords, Yelp, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, etc, most have found the competition to be fierce, and the amount of leads received just did not justify the cost of the advertising.

You had better not be in the middle of something when you get a Home Advisor lead alert or you’ll lose out to 10 other contractors chasing the same dime.

Focus On Organic Google Rankings

So what I tell these business owners is that if you want to grow your business, and get the best bang for your buck in advertising dollars,  you should focus on getting your website ranked high in Google’s organic listings.

The main reason being is that you don’t have to deal with the competition from sites like Home Advisor, or the high click rates of Google Adwords advertising.

People are more apt to click on a business website they see organically ranked on page one, then start going through the home advisor process. This is because there is a higher trust level for the searcher who sees organically ranked sites than one listed as a paid ad.

If your website is set up right, the potential customer will click on a link submission form or click to call button that is readily available on the home page.

When you’re found organically by someone searching for your services, and your website is set up right, the potential customer will click on a link submission form or click to call button that is readily available on the home page.

If you want to grow your business and get the best bang for your advertising dollars spent, investing the money in being ranked organically is a much better long term strategy than spending it all on paid advertising.

It may take a few months longer to see the results, but the amount of leads you get for your money is much higher.

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