Ranking Better – Breakdown of Page 1 In Google

Breakdown of page 1 in google

The purpose of this article is to show you the three main components of Google’s page #1. Being at the top of it is where we all want our businesses to be.

There is a huge drop off in clicks at the bottom of page 1 and even more so on page 2, 3, etc. So understanding why you need to be atop page 1 is important, and I think this article will help you understand if you don’t know already.

So let’s take a look at the three main sections of Google’s page1:


First, let’s talk about the difference between an organic search result and a paid one. When we say organic Google listings, we mean your site indexed by and listed in Google. Organic listings are free once your site is picked up by Google. Where you rank organically is key, and the goal is always the top of page 1.

A paid listing is one in which you pay Google, usually by per click impression, to be listed in their search engine. Depending on how much you want to pay per click, you can be at the very top of page 1.

[Note: It may be helpful right now to open the Google search page in another browser and type in a term like electrician + your city. We are using electrician simi valley as an example here. Just follow along with your other browser window as we go through each section of the page.]

Paid advertisements are at the top of Google after a search. You can get there yourself instantly if you want to pay. But you can pay upwards of $20 per click (yes per click) depending on the business you’re in. So if you have an advertising budget of $500 per month, that’s just 20 clicks on Adwords paid to advertise. And this can happen in two days, and you’re not even guaranteed the lead, as you are paying per click.

Not such a good way to spend $500. And also marketing studies have shown that most people skip these listings as they are not as “trusted” as the organic listings below it, since they are paying for the top spot, and not showing there naturally.

google adwords pay per click


Right below these paid listings, you start seeing organic listings, or sites that are free and naturally appear listed in Google.

The next section below paid AdWords is called the Map Pack (which is the top three Google My Business listings). It shows listings of 2-3 businesses and a map of where they are located. It’s critical to be listed here as your phone will start lighting up if you are. It’s a free top of page 1 listing.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free listing that businesses use to manage their online presence across the Google search engine.

You have to verify your business first, and then you edit the listing so that it shows important information about your business. Your business name, website, phone, address, hours of operation, photos, and reviews are shown in this listing.

The top three GMB listings are shown on page one of Google in the map pack.

The Map Pack is not paid advertising, it’s free to be listed here, but it takes some understanding of how map pack results are shown to get here.

Below is a screenshot of the Google Map Pack:

google map pack example

The reason Google map pack listings gets a high click through is:

  • It’s towards the top of page 1, right after the paid Adwords listings that a lot of people skip over.
  •  Trust – Customers see star ratings for the business
  • More Trust – They see a phone number, street address, and business hours
  • Even more Trust – They see a map where the businesses are actually located

Getting you listed at the top of the Map Pack is one of the things we focus on at Rank Marketer.


Below the Map Pack, organic search results are shown. You will usually find the top few listings are Yelp, Home Advisor, Yellow Pages or other top directory listings.

After the few Yelp listings, business websites start to show, and these websites are the ones with the most exposure. Yelp is very popular, but if you are not going directly to Yelp to search for businesses, and using Google instead, you’ re probably going to skip over the Yelp result and go to the first website listing on the page. Being ranked high on page one shows that Google Trusts your website and it will give you a huge amount of call leads.

Take a look at the graphic below. You can bet that the Lemos Electric listings is getting a ton of click through and calls and they are really growing their business.

organic page one google listing

So now that you understand the breakdown of page 1 Google listings, hopefully, it’s clear that being listed on page one organic listings is critical to your business calls. Rankmarketer can help you get there, please contact us if you have any questions.

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