Optimized Social Media Accounts

social media marketing

Most businesses know the importance of having a Facebook or Twitter page, but optimizing social media accounts are critical.

What Does Optimizing Social Media Accounts Mean?

First off, there are hundreds of other social media platforms available besides Facebook and Twitter. So you should be on at least a dozen of the top ones.

Now that you have a dozen social media profiles, the profiles need to be optimized in the following way.


This is first done by entering a consistent business name, address, phone number and website (NAP) across all profiles, as this helps gains Google trust and helps local sites rank higher. If these are not consistent (let’s say some addresses say Suite B and other say Unit B in the address) it can cause Google trust issues.


Mentions of your brand name on these profiles will help boost your ranking.


All social accounts need to be interlinked usings social connector accounts like Blogger and YouTube. This creates a web of interlinked accounts for your entire digital brand and will assist in indexing and ranking for your brand.