Citation Directory Listings

rank marketer directory citation listings

The more citations you have, the more Google will “trust” your website and business. A citation is a mention of your business name, address, phone number, and website (aka NAPW) somewhere on the internet. The way to build citations is to submit your business information (NAPW) to local directories around the internet, and then get Google to search and index this listing.

There are many directory submission services out there to choose from, so what’s the difference between what we do and they do?

Google is more apt to index a directory listing that is complete. When we say complete we mean not only your NAPW listed but more information about your business. This includes detailed business descriptions, images, hours of operation, what’s special about your business etc.

Many directory submission services don’t go the full mile in adding the details listed above about your business, and this will cause Google not to index the listing.

We hand create every directory listing on over 450 directories with all the details needed so that your business listing has a high chance of being indexed. The more directory listing indexed by Google, means more citations, which equals more trust, which equals higher rankings in the Google My Business listing and organic search results.